Ampseal 16 Connector System

Ampseal 16 connector system is targeted for off-road, heavy duty industrial, recreational and agricultural applications.

  • Note: Refer to your wiring diagram to know which wire to insert into each cavity.
  • Arrangements with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 cavities are available.

Contact Insertion

Begin with a crimped wire.

Note: Refer to your wiring diagram to know which wire to insert into each cavity.
All cavities are marked with numbers to make sure contact is inserted in proper location.

Check that the Primary Latch Reinforcement (PLR) is in the open position.

Grasp the crimped contact approximately 1 inch behind the contact barrel.

Hold the connector with the rear seal facing you. Insert the contact into the connector cavity until you here and feel a click. A slight tug will verify the contact is locked in place. Repeat the process until all the cavities are filled.

Note: If you have open cavities, they will need to be filled with an appropriate sized sealing plug.

After all the contacts have been inserted, close the Primary Latch Reinforcement by pushing it into the fully locked position.

Repeat this process for both connector halves.


When mating connectors, grasp the receptacle contact housing by the body and align it with the pin contact housing. Push the housings together until you feel and hear a click.

Push the Connector Position Assurance into the locked position until you feel and hear a click.


Push the Connector Position Assurance to the unlock position.

Depress the locking latch on the outside of the receptacle contact housing and pull it apart from the pin contact housing.

Contact Removal

To remove contacts from either the receptacle contact housing or the pin contact housing, start by inserting the tip of the Contact Extraction Tool AP7764411 into the Primary Latch Reinforcement’s center extraction slot. Hook the tool against the edge of the slot and pull on the Primary Latch Reinforcement until it is completely removed from the housing.

To remove the contacts, release the locking finger by moving it away from the shoulder of the contact, while at the same time, gently pulling the wire through the rear of the connector. Repeat for all wires.

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