The Hi-Line Mobile App

The Hi-Line Mobile App – Getting Started

To get the Hi-Line Mobile App, click on the appropriate Google Play or Apple Store button below to download the app.



Once the app is loaded, setup your profile by entering your name, your email, your phone number, your company name and your Territory Manager’s phone number, then hit Save.

Profile Setup

That’s it. You are now ready to use the Hi-Line mobile app.

Main Screen

  • Menu – Tapping on the Menu icon will make the menu sidebar slide out from the left.
  • Promotional Banner – Find out what’s new or current promotional offers. Just click on the banner and view a pdf flyer that you can easily share.
  • Our Products – Our catalog of 100,000+ products at your fingertips. You can find details and technical information about all of our products. Even SDS and Tech sheets are there.
  • My List – My List is the collection of products you selected that you need and will choose to either email or text your Territory Manager. You can tell us if you need it now or if you would like it on your next visit.
  • Contact – Select to phone or text directly to your Territory Manager.
  • Search – Search for any product within Hi-Line’s catalog by keyword, product, or Hi-Line part number. You can even scan one of our barcodes on our custom backplates or yellow labels and get product information.


Our Products

Hi-Line has access to over 100,000 products to service 19 different product lines. Select one of our product lines to drill down to a specific product.

Drill Down To Product Screen

Detailed Product Screen

  • Icons – Icons shown under product on product page can indicate LPS and other chemical information, grade and finish information and/or if its made in the USA.
  • Quantity for Add To List – Sets the quantity of the product packages to add to Your List.
  • SDS Sheets – Safety Data Sheets can be viewed for products that have them.
  • Add To List – Click to add the product to Your List of products you want from your Territory Manager.
  • Technical Specs – Provides Technical Specifications of the product such as measurement illustrations.


Once you drill down to a group product level, you will be able to filter your selection by technical attributes such as color, type, style, AWG, finish, material, size and more. This will help narrow your displayed selections to easily find the specific product you want.

Filter Screen


You can search by product, key word, or Hi-Line part number.

Search Screen


You can scan barcodes from our custom backplates or yellow labels to quickly look up part numbers. After selecting the search button, select the scan button. Once the barcode to be scanned is in the view window, select the Scan Barcode button to view the product.

Scan Barcode Screen

My List

You can add any product to a list and send that list as a text or email to your Territory Manager. Select the My List icon to see your list of products. When texting or emailing your list to your Territory Manager, you can also indicate whether you need these items right now or on the next visit of the Territory Manager.

My List Screen


The Main Menu can be accessed from the Home screen by selecting the menu icon. On the menu you can go back to the Home Screen, call or text your Territory Manager, access Hi-Line videos or the Knowledge Base, or change your setup settings.
Note: You can always access the Home Screen from any other screen by selecting the Hi-Line logo at the top of the screen.

Menu Screen

If you have any questions, issues or comments on the app, please contact Jason Lukowicz at

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